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Getting started

You can start using VisDynamica in three simple steps. First, register on VisDynamica.com (or use your Facebook account to log in). Then, download the desktop client and, finally, follow the activation process.

1. Register on VisDynamica.com

If there is nobody around you, who already owns a VisDynamica license, you can easily get one by yourself. Just register on VisDynamica.com, either by setting up a standard website account or connecting with your Facebook ID. If you choose to do the latter, you will always be able to log in to your VisDynamica.com account just the same way.

2. Download the desktop client

To use VisDynamica service with Microsoft Visio™, you need to run the desktop client that is available for download on VisDynamica.com. Every copy of the desktop client is connected to a specific user license, and thus it can be downloaded only by a logged in VisDynamica.com user.

To download a copy of the desktop client, please log in and visit the license management page.

3. Activate the workstation

Each time the desktop client is run on a new workstation, it is registered in the license’s workstations log, to give the license manager a proper control over the distribution of the connected application copies. The license manager can decide which workstations to accept using a tool available on the license management page, in the Workstations section.

Depending on the default license policy (also set up by the license manager), new workstations

  • have to wait for a manual approval,
  • can be used for one session and then have to wait for a manual approval,
  • or can be automatically activated (default).

If you are using an application that is connected to someone’s else license, you will be informed of the current status of your new workstation just after it is registered. Please read the alerts produced by the desktop client.


If you are done with all the above instructions, you can go to the step-by-step basic tutorial that will help you set up your first VisDynamica document.

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