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About VisDynamica

VisDynamica is a rapid prototyping tool that brings rich interactions to wireframes and prototypes made with Microsoft Visio™. Dropdowns, forms with validation, modal dialogs, sliders and all other common dynamic effects, can be easily and accurately simulated.

Thanks to Visio’s flexibility, VisDynamica features can be applied to any kind of material – from a sketchy wireframe to a near-final graphic layout imported to Visio as images.

VisDynamica is also capable of creating prototypes of mobile applications, with all specific interactions like touch scrolling, swiping, back and forth navigation in the nav-bar, and so on. These prototypes can be equally tested in a simulated window inside a full, desktop browser, as well as directly on the mobile device.

VisDynamica is extending the native “Save as webpage” feature available in Visio, that merely allows hyperlinking between various pages of the drawing. This leaves all the more complex, yet widely common dynamic interactions solely to the viewer’s imagination, which not only endangers the proper understanding of the important user-experience concept ideas, but also reduces the value of a Visio wireframe as a part of a final project’s documentation.

Technically, VisDynamica is an online service, that requires three things to work:

  • A Microsoft Visio™ (2003, 2007 or 2010) drawing including the special VisDynamica shapes,
  • VisDynamica remote resources server, which provides HTML and jQuery code snippets,
  • VisDynamica desktop client, an application which downloads these snippets and uses them to replicate the Visio drawing in a form of interactive prototype.

The resources server, and thus the internet connection, is required while the application is starting. Once it is ready to work, it can stay disconnected from the internet for the single session time, which is 24 hours. After that time, the desktop application has to be reconnected, to refresh the data previously downloaded from the resources server.


As an user interface prototyping tool, Visio excels in precision and flexibility – enough to make it worth to tailor it a little better to the interaction designer’s needs. And this is where VisDynamica comes in.


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