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Licensing models

More licensing options are going to be available after the final release. Right now, VisDynamica.com service is completely free of any charge and that is the only license there is.

If you need to have some guaranteed support service to use the beta release of VisDynamica in your company, please e-mail visdynamica@gmail.com.

VisDynamica user license agreement (for the beta release)

1. By registering to the VisDynamica.com website, you are granted a single, non-exclusive license to use the VisDynamica online service, consisting of (1) a remote resources server and (2) a custom desktop client application.

2. The license will remain valid until the final release, which will be announced on VisDynamica.com in the news section.

3. The only allowed way to access the remote resources server is with the custom desktop client application, which you will find available for downloading in your user profile on VisDynamica.com website.

3.1. Your copies of the desktop client application will be marked with an unique signature, linking it to your user profile. This unique signature will be neccessary to authenticate your requests to the remote resources server.
3.2. Besides that, all requests to the remote resources server will be uniquely signed with some hashed information about your computer to process the license limitations.

4. Using the desktop client application requires credit points (credits). One user can use one credit to run the application for one session of 24 hours.

4.1. Once a credit is started, it will remain valid even if the application stops working. If the application is restarted within the credit’s validity time (24 hours), the credit will be continued.
4.2. Until the final release, the credit balance will not be reduced by using the desktop client application.

Please be advised, that this beta release may still be vulnerable to errors (however, it is a really long time since the last serious problem was reported). There is no way VisDynamica would damage or destroy the documents you choose to export. But please check everything a few times before you actually send your prototype to the client.


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