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VisDynamica stencil for Microsoft Visio™


Version 2012-01-26 changelog

  • There is a new Annotation shape to add comments to a VisDynamica document in Visio. It works both for a HTML prototype and for the PDF export. In PDF, it looks just the same as in the source Visio document. After exporting to HTML prototype, an icon appears in the place annotation is attached to. Clicking that icon brings up the tooltip with the annotation. See it live here.

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This is the download page for the special VisDynamica stencil for Microsoft Visio™. Please note, that only the latest stencil version is available for downloading. If, for some reason, you need to keep access to the previous versions, please remember to backup them before updating.

This stencil will be useful to you only with the VisDynamica desktop client.
You can either register on this website to download your own copy, or download the demo package to try it first.